Spirit Week Activities!


The week of November 7th, St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy dedicated to showing our Spirit! We began the week anticipating the electioneering  in our Country with Patriotic Day. We honored the upcoming elections with red, white, and blue. Tuesday followed, with Pajama Day. Slippers, comfy robes, and even stuffed animals kept us all relaxed! November 9th was dedicated to Crazy Hair Day. Everyone got in on the fun: wigs; hedgehog hair pieces; and spikes/twirls were all employed to show one’s CRAZY. We closed the week with Decades Day.  Whether it’s the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or even the 90’s, dressing up in one’s favorite decade was encouraged.  Friday, Veterans Day, the Academy remembers and thanks our Veterans for the freedoms we enjoy.  Freedoms we are all blessed to exercise nMore Crazy Hair!ot just during this Spirit Week, but every day!