Your involvement in your child’s education is paramount to their success! Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast, and getting a good night’s sleep help your child be bright, alert, and ready to learn!

A healthy mid-morning snack, such as cheese, yogurt, fruit or nuts will boost their metabolism before lunchtime. Sugary foods and drinks interfere with their concentration, and are strongly discouraged. A small dessert with lunch is always fine.

How can one even measure the commitments and sacrifices made to transport students, encourage them, and listen to their daily experiences? Your partnership with us in their achievements and successes is gratefully acknowledged. New ideas and suggestions are always welcome! Join us in providing your child with a rich learning experience.

Participation in a field trip or other school activity is helpful. Monitor opportunities, sharing a special talent you have, even volunteering your time are wonderful ways to support this endeavor. Your input at the upcoming Parent-Teacher gatherings is also cordially requested!

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We will be collecting information from our parents about the extracurricular skills and interests of their children. This will inform those activities which we will endeavor to offer as enrichment for our students!



St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy is blessed to have Mary Cummings as our music teacher and one of our classroom aides. Mary has an extensive musical background. She has taught piano for several years. She has received voice training from Richard Lee (formerly of the San Francisco Opera) for two years and has a beautiful opera-trained voice.

Mary is working with our students and staff, both in groups and one-on-one, preparing for our Christmas Musical which we believe will be a wonderful event that you will not want to miss. Our students and staff will be performing instrumental and vocal numbers, including traditional Orthodox Nativity Hymns (to be performed in both Byzantine and Slavonic styles) along with some modern pieces.

Mary is a very bright and outgoing young woman who loves children and is very skilled in working with them. She is currently taking Education classes at Truckee Meadows Community College and is considering a career in Education.

Visual Arts

We are blessed to have Xenia (Heidi) Branlund as is our Art teacher and one of our classroom aides. Ms. Xenia is wonderful with our children, whether she is teaching Art or working one-on-one with our students in various subjects.

Ms. Xenia especially loves to see the excitement and enthusiasm of our students as they work on their Art projects. Our children have a real sense of accomplishment when they see that they can create beautiful works of art, which we proudly display in our classroom.

Ms. Xenia is developing an Art curriculum that will be used at St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy in future school years. This exciting new curriculum will include some Art History and introduction to the “Masters,” but will focus heavily on hands-on projects. Ms. Xenia is able to teach our students to use various media, including pencils, watercolors, tempera, crayons and markers. Landscapes, still life, mosaics, and self-portraits are a few of the categories that our students get to experience.

Ms. Xenia has an extensive Science education, and has worked as an acupuncturist and herbalist. She is inspired by the meeting of Art, Science, and Christianity.

In addition to past teaching experience in public schools, Ms. Xenia has home-schooled her children for years prior to joining our St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy family.

Ms. Xenia is loved by staff and students alike. She is someone who is always up for a challenge, and happily performs any task that is needed at the time. Her calm spirit, along with her strong Orthodox faith, makes her a beautiful role model.

Performing Arts

St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy is pleased to announce the formation of a Musical Theater Club. The club meets at lunchtime and will be introduced to, and eventually perform, various popular musicals.

Field Trip Opportunities

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We have several field trip opportunities throughout the school year. Our past excursions have included the Discovery Museum, Ferrari Farms, and Wild Island. We have even had some major field trips to Jerusalem and Russia for our inaugural year of school! Although we will probably return to having more local field trips going forward, our students are sure to have an enriching experience.