Dear Ones,

It is with great joy that we see the humble, yet noble, beginning of a new Orthodox Christian school founded on the first principles of the “one thing needful” that informs the lives of Christians in these distracted, turbulent days. If we take care to begin and end everything with acknowledgment and joyful thankfulness of God’s Incarnation in the flesh for our salvation, it enlivens and informs everything we do, even during the hard times!

Otherwise, we live according to the flesh and it’s passions. A good Christian school promotes this “one thing needful” principle into learning and preparing for our future life as Christians, as those who are enlightened by the Holy Spirit and live accordingly, preserving the Grace of our Holy Baptism in peace and strength. It is my sincere hope and prayer that this school will add to the good work of the pious Orthodox parents and will open up new vistas for us all.

Thus, we pray for our Lord’s Blessing and Protection upon this Holy Work!

st-nicholas-orthodox-school-renoTimeless Teachings in a Changing World

We are writing our Orthodox curriculum, so we have the flexibility to teach our faith in all we do. This is because accredited programs would not permit us to adapt their curriculum to an Orthodox pedagogy.

Therefore, we are abstaining from offering pre-packaged accredited curricula at this time. This gives us the ability to be a fully Orthodox program.

St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy LLC is licensed and operating as an exempt private school.  Under the provisions of NRS 394.211 we are exempt from the provisions of the Private Elementary and Secondary Education Authorization Act.