Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Welcome to St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy. It is with great joy that I announce the establishment of our new educational Academy for kindergarten though twelfth grade.

Our long range goal is to maximize your child’s learning potential through a focused Orthodox Christian faith-based education. Our program will offer the gift of knowledge through a spiritual path of principles, doctrine and lifestyle. Children will receive a high quality education in the love and warmth of an Orthodox Christian environment. The Academy will provide a mosaic of traditional skills to develop your child’s interest in learning and advancement in faith and education. The Academy is dedicated to giving your child the best that our well-qualified staff has to offer.

At St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy, your child will be given individualized attention customized to fit his or her needs. He/she will experience academic achievement through the most innovative learning techniques available for today’s classroom. We offer a fertile environment to plant the seeds of educational and spiritual development, thereby opening doors for the future and giving children and families a better tomorrow.

We invite you to visit our campus, nestled in the safe and beautiful community of Caughlin Ranch. We look forward to seeing you and your families soon.

In Christ,

Richard “Deacon Nektari” Rodriquez
Dean of Academic and Spiritual Studies

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer an Orthodox Christian alternative to public, charter, homeschool, and other Christian-based educational ministries for the next generation of Orthodox Christian believers.

An article by David V. Hicks, entitled “Classical Education, Really?” is a thought-provoking essay.  Mr. Hicks addresses challenges faced by Christians who raise and educate children in today’s world. The article is made available here, by permission of the author. It will appear in the 2017 issue of CiRCE Institute’s annual magazine, which can be found at circemagazine.com.

Our Inception

Dr. Janet “Barbara” Cummings has acquainted herself with numerous options in pursuit of educating her children through the years. The dearth of quality education with an Orthodox Christian perspective– in the Reno, Nevada area or online— was impetus for the inception of St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy. Indeed, conscientious Orthodox parents are challenged in this matter. Differing geographic boundaries, and unique personal financial parameters further complicate the challenge. St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy seeks to serve the Orthodox faithful in successfully meeting this challenge, towards an Orthodox pedagogy.