Throughout most of my time in school, I’ve been bullied to the point where I hated to go to school.  All schools say they have a zero tolerance for bullying, but they really don’t.  However, at St. Nicholas, I am free from bullying because it really is a bully-free zone here.  Also, I had trouble learning in some classes in the past but I didn’t know why.  The teachers at St. Nicholas realized that I am an auditory learner and that I have mild dyslexia.  They know how to help me make use of my strengths and work around my weaknesses, and I am excelling in school like never before.  I love the music program here.  I take piano lessons and voice lessons as part of my school schedule, and am learning so much.  For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to going to school.

Student Testimonial #1

My child has always had trouble fitting into a school environment.  For some reason, he is a bully magnet.  Also, he excels beyond his grade level in some subjects, but really struggles to keep up in other subjects.  I have pulled him out of several private schools, either because he was being bullied or because the school just wasn’t meeting his academic needs.  I home-schooled him for a while, which worked academically, but was a really lonely existence for him.  He is thriving both academically and socially at St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy.  I couldn’t be happier with the education he is receiving.  I am thrilled that he has a group of friends who are good kids and who accept him as he is.

Parent Testimonial #1

I’ve been Orthodox all my life, but never really understood what that means.  Fr. Paul makes Orthodox teachings come alive.  I finally understand what it means to be an Orthodox Christian.  Fr. Paul explains things from Scripture and the Church Fathers in ways that make total sense and actually apply to my life.

Student Testimonial #2

My son can focus so much better in a small class size with an individualized plan.  St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy is able to provide him with that.  The classical curriculum is excellent, and I like knowing that he is in a safe environment with a Christian viewpoint.  At St. Nicholas, my son doesn’t feel like he needs to change his personality to fit the mold of mainstream secular society.  Students are encouraged to think creatively, pursue their interests and reach to their full potential.

Parent Testimonial #2

Photos from the Academy

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